Window Styles for Your Chicago Area Home

Double window When the time has come to purchase new windows for your home, it is reassuring to know that the selection of window styles for your Chicago area home has never been better. The growing interest in exploring alternative ways to live a more economical lifestyle has prompted window manufacturers to produce energy saving window solutions while still offering great Chicago window styles.

Chicago windows must be able to withstand the annual temperature extremes of cold and warm weather. Winter temperatures are further reduced by the wind chill factor. Frigid winds from the nearby Great Lakes make Chicago truly feel like a deep freeze. Technology has come a long way in keeping the elements at bay. Today there are energy efficient windows that can be bought in either vinyl or wood. There are even windows containing titanium dioxide that are self cleaning requiring only a good rainfall to wash away the grime. For added security during those stormy winter days windows can also be secured with extra fasteners.

Chicago windows can be thermal with two to three layers of glass keeping your home snug and warm or cool and comfortable depending on the season. They can be soundproofed reducing noise by as much as 95% for those homes in noisy areas.

The choice of window styles is varied. Double hung windows that are flush with the wall are available. Bay and bow windows are an asset for making rooms look larger. These are suitable for the older homes that need more of a sense of space improving the resell value of the home. Casement windows are useful for emergency exits. If your home is relatively new, gliding windows are available for a more contemporary look. The list goes on with garden windows, picture and transom windows, and awning windows.

Attractive energy efficient windows can be enhanced with interior grids. Homeowners never tire of the timeless Craftsman as well as the popular Colonial . Chicago window styles offers four other grid styles as well and all have insulated glass for your necessary home energy needs.

These aesthetically pleasing grids are offered in wood grains, contoured grids as well as in complimentary colors. As an added feature for some panache, the glass can be polished or frosted and v-grooved with a choice of several elegant patterns such as Starcrest and Prairie.

It is a good idea to find a window specialist to help in making your final decision. But the sooner it is made the sooner you will see your energy bills become smaller.
Chicago residents no longer have to feel boxed in with little windows. You can fill your home with light when using these energy efficient alternative Chicago window styles.

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